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  1. Your site is great, Gina! Every time I read it, I get tempted to try to write another play!

    Comment by Wayne E. — 04/02/2012 @ 23:17 | Reply

    • Thanks Wayne. Wish I did.

      Comment by Gina — 05/02/2012 @ 15:41 | Reply

  2. This website is pretty much the holy grail! Great idea and really well put together, thank you!

    Comment by patjohnrussell — 14/01/2013 @ 19:25 | Reply

  3. Hi,
    Has anybody had any feedback from Equal Writes – – as advertised on playwrights calender recently? I sent something but didn’t receive any acknowledgement, even after a follow-up email. I’m a bit worried about what’s happened to my work! 😦

    Comment by Jane Cafarella — 23/02/2013 @ 15:44 | Reply

  4. Hi Jane, I was just firing off a rambling answer to you when I checked Twitter and saw they’d announced their line-up.

    Rats and arse and back to the drawing board.

    Keep writing, it’ll be us one day.


    Comment by Gina — 23/02/2013 @ 17:53 | Reply

  5. Hello Playwright’s Calendar.

    As How it Ended Productions we would love to promote our new writing event on your blog.

    If this is possible I could send you some information via email.

    My email address should be attached to this message so if you could reply to me on there that would be brilliant.


    Thomas J Millington
    How it Ended Productions

    Comment by Thomas J Millington — 08/04/2013 @ 13:30 | Reply

  6. Hi, heads up on 24:7 Call for Scripts 2014. I’m their writer liaison and love your site – always recommend it as a port of call for people looking for writing opportunities, so though I would say hello and send yo 24:7 link. Keep writing. Ian x 🙂

    Comment by Ian Townsend — 26/11/2013 @ 17:48 | Reply

  7. Hi Playwrights Calendar. I would like to publicise a One-Act Play writing competition on behalf of Sterts Arts Centre on your site if possible please. How do I go about it?

    Comment by Ruth Chudley — 02/05/2014 @ 16:42 | Reply

    • I found it and put it in. Hope it goes well.


      Comment by Gina — 03/05/2014 @ 12:12 | Reply

  8. Call for scripts from young playwriters for the Arts Centre Group 2nd Playwriting Competition. Deadline is 15 September 2014. All the details are on our website:

    Comment by Rosemary Bird — 14/07/2014 @ 22:44 | Reply

    • You’re in the calendar. Hope it’s a success.


      Comment by Gina — 16/07/2014 @ 23:05 | Reply

  9. Hey Gina, hope you don’t mind me submitting this for your site…thanks…Jonathan Gibson


    Please feel free to post or forward this info to any playwrights (or other writers) who might be interested. Thanks for helping us spread the word!

    SCI-FEST LA: The 2nd Annual Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival is now accepting submissions for their next festival scheduled for May, 2015. Sci-Fest only accepts one-act stage plays with sci-fi themes and a running time of 20 minutes or less. Deadline for submissions: December 15th 2014. There is no fee to submit to SCI-FEST LA. Sci-Fest welcomes international submissions from outside the U.S.A. All submissions must be written in English. Last year’s festival featured a cast of over 40 actors including Tony-Winner L. Scott Caldwell (“Lost”), Dean Haglund (“The X-Files”), James Kyson (“Heroes”), Jasika Nicole (“Fringe”), Tim Russ (“Star Trek: Voyager”) and Armin Shimerman (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”). Directors included Dan Castellaneta (“The Simpsons”) and Jack Kenny (“Warehouse 13” & “Falling Skies”). Last year’s festival received press coverage from The Hollywood Reporter, NPR, The Huffington Post and the BBC. Sci-Fest LA is produced by Michael Blaha, Lee Costello and David Dean Bottrell (“Boston Legal”). To learn more or to submit a one-act sci-fi script, please visit our website: . If you would like to join our mailing list, you can do so at the website.

    Comment by Jonathan Gibson — 10/09/2014 @ 00:44 | Reply

    • You’re in. Hope its a success.


      Comment by Gina — 15/09/2014 @ 22:21 | Reply

  10. We are running the third annual one act play writing competition at the Toowoomba Repertory Theatre in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Total prize money is $4000 AUD and entry fee is $30 per script. The information and entry form can be found on

    Closing date is 31st January 2015 and the three prize winning plays are performed at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers in September.

    Comment by Mike Taylor — 23/09/2014 @ 07:14 | Reply

    • Sorry, Mike, forgot to say you’re in. Do you pay for flights if we want to come and watch?

      G X

      Comment by Gina — 18/01/2015 @ 21:36 | Reply

      • Hi Gina

        Maybe if I win the lottery, but we can shout you a beer. Thanks for posting our comp. – one entry from UK so far. English plays have been a staple for our theatre over many years and we will be delighted to get new ones for our competition.

        Cheers Mike

        Comment by Mike Taylor — 19/01/2015 @ 02:28 | Reply

  11. New play writing opportunity for those in North West

    Comment by Ian Townsend — 13/01/2015 @ 21:20 | Reply

    • It’s there and good luck and congratulations on your involvement.

      Gina X

      Comment by Gina — 18/01/2015 @ 21:35 | Reply

  12. Hi Gina

    Can you please list our one-act play writing competition? It is for the Toowoomba Repertory Theatre in Australia and the first prize is $3000 AUD. Total prize money is $6000. We also arrange professional adjudication and feedback on the top ten scripts. Closing date is 31 January 2016. Entry form and rules can be downloaded from

    One of our winners for this year was from the UK – I am directing the production and it is a wonderful experience!

    Many thanks
    Mike Taylor

    Comment by Mike Taylor — 24/09/2015 @ 07:50 | Reply

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