Playwrights' Competition Calendar

July 2013

1st July

Offcut Roots

Each play must be written from scratch and inspired by any one, some or all of the words provided below. Those words must be declared on the application form.

Astonishment. Jouissance. Ambition. Women. Hope. Finesse. Balls. Joy. Communion. Mutiny.

There is no restriction on subject matter, style or genre. However, we do ask you to think big, think bold. And remember you are writing for theatre; for a live audience who are there for a thrill that television and film cannot provide. We can watch two people sitting on a sofa, or meeting in a café, and talking about a painful past any day of the week. Play with language, ideas, taboo, fears. Surprise us! Excite us!


1st July

Resident Playwright, Papatango Theatre Company

Papatango Theatre Company are opening the new position of Resident Playwright.

Papatango are a multi-award-winning new writing company; this year we are developing work with Bristol Old Vic and the Finborough Theatre. More information about the company can be found here:

The Papatango Resident Playwright will be commissioned to deliver a full-length play by June 2014. Papatango will provide full development support, consisting of mentoring, script development sessions with professional writers, free creative space and rehearsed readings, with the ambition of taking the play on to a full production at the end of the process.

As part of the Residency, we will be applying for a BBC Theatre Fellowship. Whether we are successful in our application will in part depend upon our Resident Playwright, as he or she will be the proposed beneficiary and will need to supply supporting materials for the application. Should it be successful, then we will be able to offer a full fee.

To apply for the Residency, please send a CV and short cover letter (no more than one side of A4), outlining why you would like the position and the difference it would make to your career, by 1 July 2013 to

We will hold interviews the w/c 8 July 2013 and announce the successful applicant by 15 July 2013.


7th July

Almost Random Theatre – Playwriting prize

We are seeking one outstanding 30 minute play to be put on in Oxford in July 2013. The play must be no more than 30 minutes long and require no more than three actors. Any topic for the play.

The play must be submitted by paying the £10 admission fee at this link. Once you have paid, you will receive an email from us confirming payment has been received. Simply reply to this email with your play as an attachment.


8th July

All The Pigs – First Time Writers

We’re looking for three passionate and dedicated people with raw talent and a great story in them. Monologues. Duologues. Three or Four hand-ers. No idea is too big.

We only have 4 rules:

• You must never have had a play professionally produced

• The play will be no more than 30 minutes long

• The play should contain no more than 4 characters

• It must be all your own work

We encourage everyone to apply. We understand that you may have other commitments, priorities or need specific support, and will work with you to arrange workshops and meetings at convenient times.

 How to apply

Simply send your name, contact telephone number and email address, plus the following to

• Why you want to write (250 words) – We’re interested in you. Why now? Why this point in time? What about writing interests you?

• What you want to write about* (250 words) – a short synopsis of your story/characters descriptions etc. At this point, you may not know the details of the story you want to tell, but have a thought as to the themes or ideas  you want to write. This is totally fine.

• A short sample of your work  – it could be anything – a scene from a different play, part of a book, a poem, a letter. We just want to get a sense of how you write. If you struggle with spelling and grammar, not to worry – just give it your best shot, and your effort will shine through.



10th July

Heavy Weather Theatre presents Lover

Heavy Weather are now accepting submissions for our night at the Park Theatre in August. We are looking for 2 writers to join our existing team of 4.

Your play should be ten minutes long, with minimal tech requirements, and with a same-sex relationship at its core. We’re looking for exciting, dynamic writing that would work well in the Park’s studio theatre.

We want to see on stage the diversity of relationships that exist in our lives. We want same-sex relationships to be explored in theatre in as much complexity and depth as heterosexual relationships. At this moment in British theatre and in British society – legislation for same-sex marriage has not yet been passed, though the bill has been voted in favour of – we feel that there is an inequality which we can address.

Please submit your play to by 10th July. Alternatively, you can submit an example of a previous short play with a detailed synopsis of your idea for this.



12th July

Writer’s bloc

The first show will be on Monday 5th August, the second show will be on monday 12th August, both shows will be taking place at the Old Red Lion Theatre!


We will be running by our usual submissions guidelines. For our submissions guidelines please visit our submissions page by clicking here

We do have one addition for you to take into consideration when submitting your work, you can select to have your piece put on for one of the two dates or both dates. Please make this clear when submitting your work.

Submissions ARE NOW OPEN please e-mail your pieces with your name, full contact details, and wether you have a director and cast attached to the piece.


13th July

New Venture Theatre – 10 minute play comp.

The New Venture Theatre, Brighton, in association with Sussex Playwrights’ Club, announce their 10-Minute Play Competition 2013. Submissions are now open; the closing deadline is 13 July 2013. There is a £5 entry fee for all submissions and any writer is limited to submitting a maximum of 3 plays.

A shortlist of up to 8 plays will be selected for production by the New Venture Theatre for 7 performances between 6 & 14 December 2013. After each performance the audience will have the opportunity to vote on their preferred plays, this will result in an overall winner of the competition, which will be announced after the performance on Saturday 14 December.

Rules of entry

Details of selected plays and winners will be posted on the websites and
Further information: Contact Ian Black – 01273 808353 or


14th July

Pop-Up Theatre Company

We need you! Fancy having your work as part of our 2013 Camden Fringe show?
Write a scene or monologue based on the news.
This does not necessarily mean a news story – think outside the box!
  • People associated with the news
  • The impact of news on modern society
  • The various forms in which news comes
  • The scenes should not simply be a retelling of a news story
  • The news should be used as a stimulus only and can be local/international.
It should be 1-8 minutes in length and for between 1-8 actors. Chosen scenes will be workshopped and incorporated into our Camden Fringe show. All writers whose work is selected will be fully credited online and in the programme as well as receiving a complimentary show ticket.
Email submissions to:—Casting.html
17th june – 12th July
Bush theatre submissions window
  • In the Spring/Summer we welcome full length, unproduced plays by writers from the UK and Ireland who do not have an agent.

Before you submit, we encourage you to take a moment to look at our programme, see our work and join us at our Writers’ Nights. We don’t just want to receive any play; we’re looking for the best plays for our stage – plays that fit our programming aesthetic of compelling stories with contemporary bite that will demand an audience’s attention. We want to discover plays which reflect the vibrancy of British culture now and engage with the ideas and stories that we are exploring on our stages.

If you have a script that you think might fit the bill, please send it to us during our submission window.

Our Spring/Summer submission window is open from 17 June 2013 and closes at midnight on 12 July 2013. During this period, please email your scripts to
and include, as a separate attachment, a fully completed cover sheet which you can download here

Please note, we are unable to receive or read unsolicited scripts that are:
· sent to us by post
· without a cover sheet
· not full-length plays (1 hour +)
· previously produced
· from writers from outside of the UK and Ireland
· from writers with agents
· sent outside the two submission windows.
· that have been previously submitted to us

We are also unable to read more than one script from a writer in the same submission window.


19th July

Riff Raff Productions – Lost Shoes

A half glanced child’s sandal in the hedge. Men’s dress shoes neatly paired behind an industrial estate. A broken ballet pump in the gutter. Deliberately placed or abandoned in haste – how did they get there? We’ve all seen them, perhaps out of the corner of our eyes, but what are their stories?

Lost Shoes is an art and new-writing project which will take place in London in September 2013. We are inviting artists to decorate, rework or repurpose a shoe and writers to write a short new play inspired by an image taken from the twitter feed @abandonedshoes. The work will be showcased in a pop-up gallery as part of the London Design Festival 2013.

Play submissions should be no longer than 15 minutes in length and able to be performed with minimal set, prop and costumes. Please complete a Submission Form and send with your script to byFriday 19th July 2013.


31st July

Tricycle Young Company – Writers wanted

Around 20 writers will win the chance to develop their skills and the possibility of joining the Tricycle’s Young Company.

You’ll spend a week from 5-9 August working at the Tricyle with playwrights Evan Placey, Suhayla El-Bushra and Denton Chikura, developing new material that will be performed on 23 August.

The brief closes on Wednesday 31 July at 5pm and is open to IdeasTap members aged 18 – 25. If you have any technical queries, please visit our Help Centre. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances, including technical issues – so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute.


31st July

Pink Mist – Comedy Short Play Comp.

From now until July 31st, we want your snippets of short, theatrical madness. Keep it silly, weird, wonderful, dark, light, whatever you like. Treat them like comedy sketches, but do not feel the need to end on a ‘punchline’ – if it feels forced then it will undermine the piece. Unless, of course, it is a brilliant punchline. Do not feel that your play has to make sense. The Pink Mist’s motto has always been ‘Haha…Eh?’ – that is, we love to laugh but we also love to scratch our heads. Not because of dandruff.

There is just one rule: the play must be up to ten lines long. No more. You don’t have to reach ten lines, you may write four, you may write one, you may write none. There may be no characters, there may be a thousand (that’s the biggest number we know).

We will publish every play that we receive and you may enter as many times as you like.

The winning playwright will receive a thousand pence along with a signed print of their play, illustrated by Chris Gilleard.Here are some he made earlier. Not only that, the winner will also join Karl Mercer (winner of our 2013 Short Story Competition) to become the second name on the Pink Mist honours board.

Send your entries to with the subject line ‘COMPETITION TIME!’ Please include the play in the body of the email, attachments are a pain in the arse.


31st July

Sterts One-Act play writing competition

30 minutes. Max 4 char. Prizes and production.

This is a new competition so not oversubscribed. All plays are read by more than one experienced judge before the shortlist is drawn up. First prize is £100 and full studio production. Runners-up get £25 and a rehearsed reading. Last year (the first one) was very successful and created a lot of interest. We hope this year will be even better.


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