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Hello lovely readers one and all,

I am very sorry to say that I have come to say goodbye. For too long now my Playwright’s Calendar has been left lonely, unloved and a source of guilt for me when it pops up every day as one of my selected pages.

I have loved blogging and calendaring but, as you may have noticed, have not had the inclination to get my arse in gear to do it for a long time.  I will probably get back to it sometime in the future because I love talking about ME so, who knows, maybe I will meet some of you again in that great webiness in the sky.

Me? How kind of you to ask. I am still writing but mostly children’s books now (although my favourite play is still out there gathering dust on various desks) and I continue to dream my little writery dreams. You know the ones – multiple reprints, international acclaim, awards, that sort of thing, however,  I think writing fiction is always going to be easier than real life so it’s going to have to be bye bye blog.

I don’t want to leave this as a cobwebsite so will try and work out how to delete it in about a month but, until then, I want to say thank you all for reading, thank you all for commenting, and thank you all for your lovely best wishes when times have been good and not so good. It’s meant a lot to me.

All that’s left to do now is wish you all the best of luck.

And Happy Writing to you all. XXX



  1. HI Gina
    Just to say that I found your blog very useful for publicising our new writing opportunities at Putney Arts Theatre on the two or three occasions we used it. As well as your listing of other play competitions. So thank you and all the best with your own writing in the future.

    Comment by Marcia — 26/04/2016 @ 15:26 | Reply

  2. thank you for your generosity in running the blog and calander for so longand keep going with the scribbling xxx

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    Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 14:17:32 +0000 To:

    Comment by hannykha — 26/04/2016 @ 15:29 | Reply

  3. Sorry to hear! This is a great site and now much imitated. It will be missed!

    Comment by Andy Curtis — 26/04/2016 @ 15:30 | Reply

  4. Hi Gina

    I’ve never commented on your blog or emailed you before but I just wanted to say that I’m sorry you’re no longer writing it – it’s the only blog I subscribe to!

    Good luck with your writing 🙂


    Comment by Cathy White — 26/04/2016 @ 15:43 | Reply

    • Many thanks, and good luck to you too.

      Comment by Gina — 29/04/2016 @ 14:14 | Reply

  5. Thanks very much for letting us know what’s happening, Gina.

    I’m sorry you’re having to give up but I totally appreciate where you’re coming from.

    I write a blog and newsletter myself and it’s a constant worry! I only send out one a month and even that takes forever. What you were producing must have been even more work!

    I’m glad you’re still writing yourself. It’s tough maintaining the willpower to write.

    If you’re interested in business writing, you might want to read my blog or subscribe to my newsletter .

    Best wishes


    Lorraine Forrest-Turner

    Writer and trainer

    07770 788343

    01628 481947

    Comment by Lorraine Forrest-Turner — 26/04/2016 @ 16:05 | Reply

    • Thanks, Lorraine, I’ll have a look. G

      Comment by Gina — 29/04/2016 @ 14:13 | Reply

  6. Sorry to hear this.

    Keep writing.

    Comment by Terence Park — 26/04/2016 @ 16:19 | Reply

    • Thanks, I will if you will. G

      Comment by Gina — 04/05/2016 @ 16:13 | Reply

  7. Dear Gina,
    Just had to say thank you for all your time and effort over the years keeping the competition calendar going. Quite the mammoth task so I can quite understand the need to step down. I have followed many of your leads and even won a few comps for which I am very grateful. Best of luck with your children’s books!

    Comment by loutreleaven — 26/04/2016 @ 17:14 | Reply

    • Thanks, Lou. Your blog has now become more useful to me than my own, and many many congratulations for getting your book published. X

      Comment by Gina — 29/04/2016 @ 14:11 | Reply

  8. Hello Gina,
    Just wanted to add my comments to the preceding lots. Thanks for your blog.
    Milo. x

    Comment by Milo Bell — 27/04/2016 @ 10:29 | Reply

    • Thanks, Milo. It’s actually the sweet message you sent a few weeks ago that made me think I should come out of hiding – however briefly. Good luck and have fun with your writing. G X

      Comment by Gina — 29/04/2016 @ 14:12 | Reply

  9. Sorry to hear that and thanks for all the listings. I used to submit lots of times – always unsuccessfully so far!

    Good luck with your future endeavours and keep on writing.


    Comment by Theresa Stoker — 27/04/2016 @ 14:14 | Reply

    • One day our time will come, so hope you keep writing too. X

      Comment by Gina — 29/04/2016 @ 14:17 | Reply

  10. Thanks for all you’ve done, Gina – and very good luck with your work!

    All the best,


    Comment by Emma Spurgin Hussey — 27/04/2016 @ 15:05 | Reply

    • Thanks, and to you too.

      Comment by Gina — 29/04/2016 @ 14:16 | Reply

  11. Many thanks for all your time and effort doing the blog – and good luck with everything!

    Comment by georginatremayne — 27/04/2016 @ 16:36 | Reply

  12. Good luck and may your dreams come true.


    Comment by maggie drury — 29/04/2016 @ 08:32 | Reply

    • Thanks, and for you too. X

      Comment by Gina — 29/04/2016 @ 14:15 | Reply

  13. Sad to see it go Gina. When I started writing I always checked out your calendar and your blog always makes me smile. Thanks and good luck x

    Comment by Sally Whyte — 29/04/2016 @ 14:49 | Reply

    • Thanks, and good luck to you too. G

      Comment by Gina — 04/05/2016 @ 16:14 | Reply

  14. Thanks for letter all your readers know that this useful site is now closing. All the best for your writing – you may be the next Roald Dahl perhaps?

    Comment by lassfromlancashire — 02/05/2016 @ 09:35 | Reply

    • What a lovely thought. X

      Comment by Gina — 02/05/2016 @ 22:41 | Reply

  15. Thank you Gina – as many have said above, yours is the only blog I regularly look at and I have enjoyed your musings and competition diary. Keep Going!!! Liz x

    Comment by Liz — 29/05/2016 @ 10:30 | Reply

  16. Isn’t it about time Gina came back? Wherever she decided to go, she has surely “found herself” by now

    Comment by Phillip Wand — 10/06/2017 @ 12:31 | Reply

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