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November already!

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It’s November already which doesn’t just mean that my children have a huge stash of Halloween swag in their rooms that they’re hiding from me, but also that it’s the end of half term so I have to go and be nice to other people’s children again on Tuesday. It’s going to be hard!

The good news is that I’ve got a slot in the next Nuffield Theatre Experiment night on the 17th which means I’ll get a rehearsed reading of a 20 minute extract of my new play. Hurrah! The Nuffield has stopped it’s Writers’ Group (with John Burgess that I was on), and replaced it with Nuffield Laboratory, their Artist Development Programme. I recommend you sign up for their Network which offers loads of useful talks/discounts/opportunities if you’re localish to Southampton or can get there easily.

There’s masses of stuff in November if you’d care to have a stroll over there, and I feel there are lots of New Writing nights popping up this Autumn which has got to be a good thing for we scribblers.

If you like Youtube and are looking for a change from Zoella, the National Theatre have a very interesting series of videos for/by playwrights that I’ve been watching when I should have been writing. Please take this as a friendly gesture not the spreading of my own Procrastinovirus.

Love and happy writing to you all. X

(4/11/14  How could you not tell me that I spelt ‘theatre’ wrong? I’m so humiliated!)


  1. Thanks so much for flagging up the NT resource. (I’ve already got the Procrastinovirus, so won’t catch it here!)

    Comment by Emma Spurgin Hussey — 03/11/2014 @ 15:50 | Reply

  2. If you had caught it here, would that make it a computer virus?

    G X

    Comment by Gina — 04/11/2014 @ 09:11 | Reply

  3. Hi Gina, could you share this call out please?

    Heavy Weather are now accepting submissions for the second edition of our new writing night LOVER, as part of the Black Box Festival at the Etcetera Theatre in January. We are looking for 4 plays, and one piece of spoken word.

    Your play should be ten minutes long, with minimal tech requirements, and with a same-sex relationship at its core. We’re looking for exciting, dynamic writing that would work well in the Etcetera Theatre’s black box space.

    A cast of up to four actors – 2 male, 2 female – will perform all the plays, so please bare this in mind when writing (your play can use as many or as few of these actors as you’d like).

    SPOKEN WORD ARTISTS: we are looking for a short (5 minute) piece of spoken word. Please submit both the poem itself, and some footage of a previous performance so we can get a sense of your style. Spoken word artists can either hand over their piece to an actor or perform their own work.

    We want to see on stage the diversity of relationships that exist in our lives. We want same-sex relationships to be explored in theatre in as much complexity and depth as heterosexual relationships. Last year, LOVER (Park Theatre) sold out and received 4 and 5 star reviews, and we hope to make this event even more successful.

    Please submit your play to by Monday 22nd December.

    Comment by Camilla — 18/11/2014 @ 17:12 | Reply

    • Shared and good luck.

      G X

      Comment by Gina — 18/11/2014 @ 21:34 | Reply

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