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It’s a bit (second) drafty in here.

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Today is a good day because I’ve just finished the second draft of my new play. It’s only a shorty (38 pages) but I’m quite pleased with it so far which is just as well because there’s an awful lot of cleaning that hasn’t been done. It’s okay though, the kids’ tetanus shots are up to date – not sure about the husband’s…

First I’m going to post a question that was asked on this site but that I couldn’t answer to see if any of you can help: “I’m nearing the end of my first draft of my very first play. I’ve discovered script reading services that will give professional feedback. Does anyone know of a similar service for poetry? My play includes a poem.”

I’ve heard about a new event called “One Hour” which is a regular showcase of new writing based in Soho by Equilibrium Promotions. Each event lasts an hour and consists of 15 minute extracts of three new plays.

Another on-going opportunity is Without Decor at the King’s Head. ‘Are you an emerging writer attached to an ambitious company searching for a platform to develop your work?’ It gives you the chance to develop your play over several weeks, so probably best for those within easy reach of London.

And a third is Rich Mix. “Small Story / Big City: Call for Submissions. Throughout 2015, Rich Mix is looking for new/emerging performers and companies to come and tell their stories of city life, so we can present just some of the small tales that contribute to the rich tapestry of the big city.”

Talking Statues looks very cool – you need to write a monologue for a statue (there are 3 to choose from) by 17th October. This is also the closing date for South Yorkshire writers to get something in for a Script Slam.

Now, you all know I only do competitions here, not writing groups etc, but if you do want those the Bruntwood Prize has a good page, David Lane produces ‘Lane’s List’ once a week, the BBC Writersroom is your friend as is the London Playwright’s Blog (who’s like me only more organised). Not that I’m not your friend of course – I’m just your slightly lazier friend who can’t be bothered to put everything in. But I’m still there for you.

Speaking of the London Playwright’s Blog, they have an interesting series of 3 posts about producing your own show written by Kimberley Andrews. Part one (Getting started), part two (finding a venue) and part three (budgets and profit).

It’s raining again here, and it’s time for me to have a little private play reading before the children come home and have to listen to the filthy bad language Mummy puts in her plays. Not that they don’t hear similar when Mummy’s a bit grumpy but hey ho.

Before I go, though, I will just apologise for the awful pun in the title – my only excuse is a certain giddiness at finishing my play.

Happy writing all. X


  1. Hi The Sandalle website has been updated, with details of the new competition: there’s a £500 prize and also a mentoring prize (mentoring by a BBC script writer) Please see the Sandalle website for details of the latest Five ‘n Ten competition. Cheers

    Comment by N DAVIES — 07/10/2014 @ 14:07 | Reply

    • Thanks, I’ve made a May page so it will get posted next time I update.

      G X

      Comment by Gina — 08/10/2014 @ 08:36 | Reply

  2. Thank you for all these exciting links! I think I’ll try my hand at writing a monologue for Stan the T. Rex at Manchester Museum for the Talking Statues competition.

    Comment by talesfromabruceeyeview — 07/10/2014 @ 14:08 | Reply

    • I like that one too. Good luck.

      G X

      Comment by Gina — 08/10/2014 @ 08:34 | Reply

  3. Hi Gina, Just checked on the website and it seems there’s a couple of opportunities with imminent deadlines you might not know about… Here’s Emerging Playwrights, a prospect for writers in the East Midlands to join the New Perspectives Theatre Company on attachment (deadline October 16): And here’s one for writers living or working in Birmingham, Coventry and Warwickshire, from Lyric Hammersmith and Warwick Arts Centre (deadline October 13): e1bd#Overview Hope they’re helpful. Best wishes Michael Davies

    _www.mrgdavies.com_ ( _mrgdavies@aol.com_ ( @mrgdavies

    01327 844746 07977 939799

    10 Market Place, Long Buckby, Northamptonshire NN6 7RR

    Comment by — 07/10/2014 @ 17:17 | Reply

    • Thanks, I’ll check those out.
      G X

      Comment by Gina — 11/10/2014 @ 09:41 | Reply

  4. Would love to read your new play – when you’re ready to share! xo

    Comment by Kathy Rucker — 10/10/2014 @ 17:21 | Reply

    • You were there at its conception so you get third draft. X

      Comment by Gina — 11/10/2014 @ 09:40 | Reply

  5. This is a really brilliant site, and I love the personal touch you bring to it… I can really identify. Going to take the competition list along to my writing group (Liverpool Playwrights) Thank you for all the work you put in.

    Comment by Jane — 13/10/2014 @ 18:55 | Reply

    • Thanks so much, and for spreading the word to Liverpool.


      Comment by Gina — 14/10/2014 @ 21:24 | Reply

  6. Yes hauntingly drafty, send your poem to
    I’ll read your play and give you a synopsis analysis free of charge, of the poem in quesion.
    I often place poetry in my screenplays maybe of help in this area.
    kind regard Walt.

    Comment by walter hall — 17/10/2014 @ 18:05 | Reply

  7. Ques(t)ion, stiff T-KEY.

    Comment by walter hall — 17/10/2014 @ 18:09 | Reply

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