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I like my bed.

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Hello lovely writery peoples out there, I thought it was about time I checked in with you all. It’s also 10 in the morning and I’m still sitting in bed which must mean it’s the holidays. (I’m also feeling slightly guilty that the last post to be written was a bit of a tasteless rudey so my apologies to anyone who was offended.)

I’m afraid my personal life has been taking too much of my brain space to allow me to have much of a writer’s life recently and it will continue like this for a while, but I promise normal service will resume soon. I will continue to update the calendar when I have time but the blog bit might stay a bit quiet for a while longer. Not much new writing going on here, although I did scribble off 5 pages of dialogue the other day which might or might not go somewhere. I also rehashed a four year old radio script for a funny little comp that wanted plays set in Tavistock so, because I know the area wellish, I put in a few local street names to my old play. You never know, and it does make my emails a little more interesting. I’m also supposed to be rewriting the first chapter of my book following some really helpful notes I got from the Winchester Writers’ Festival comp., and my allotment’s a mess, the bind weed is taking over the garden and I think the kids might turn feral soon. When did I last bath them?

Anyway, I’ll have a quick scoot around the wonderful world of webbage to check for useful stuff before I go and feed the short ones. Thank you all for your patience and have a lovely summer. XXX



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