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Anyone out there signed up for the University of Glasgow post grad playwriting and dramaturgy course? You can apply now for a funded place. I think you have to apply by June 16th but I’m not sure. Here’s the website.

Busy doing nothing here (apart from a little trip to Eurodisney. For the kids, you understand). I’m still sending out my book to agents and competitions, and waiting to hear from a couple of people who are looking at my play. I know I asked them to do it as a favour, but didn’t they understand I meant DO IT NOW!

I’m a bit stuck, actually, waiting for a new idea. A couple of vague thoughts are floating around my head but nothing strong enough to make me ravage my laptop. Oh, and I’ve applied for a new job writing short stories for a company who run workshops for kids. It’s not going to win me my Olivier or get me on the top table at Waterstones but I am excited by the thought of being paid to write. It’s kind of like when I started working in theatre and I found myself doing a job I loved in an environment I loved and, to top it all off, some bugger wanted to pay me for it! Anyway, trying not to count my chickens and all that, so stay calm and I’ll keep you posted.

That’s the end of my lunch break so I’ll be off now. Happy writing all. X

P.S. I lied. Eurodisney was all about me and it was AWESOME! I now own a Mickey Mouse ring, some Mickey Mouse oven gloves (so cool – they’re like his big, white gloves), Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shakers and… no money. X


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