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A very late Happy New Year to you all.

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I’m sorry but I dropped off the radar for a while there. I finished up a lot of projects before Christmas and then took a break to concentrate on drinking, the children and then some more drinking but when I came back to my laptop in January all I found was a great big empty screen of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! That was emotional doom – there was nothing wrong with my laptop.

Apart from a slightly frayed cable.

And the moshi monster sticker child #2 put on the cover has started curling at the edges but I don’t think that will in any way hinder my writing.

I have also started sending my book out to agents so I am also coping with a gentle yet constant stream of rejections in my inbox. I have recently read a great piece of advice though which is that it only takes one ‘yes’ to get published/produced so that’s what I’m after for 2014: THE ONE YES! (I was hoping for a little alliteration there but nothing came to me that would work with ‘yes.’ Answers on a postcard please.)

Anyway, here I am, back again and ready to go. I’ve added five pages to the script I’m working on which is a good thing, and I’m using the rejections in my inbox as a reminder to query more agents which is also a good thing. I’ve been saving all the opportunities I’ve come across so will make sure they all go into the calendar over the next week. Off the top of my head the new series of Newsjack is coming up in March and… that’s it. Sorry. Head still not totally back in the game but I will feed it more coffee and give it a bit of a talking to. Until then, happy writing all. X




  1. Hi Gina, Could you please remind your members that the Five ‘n Ten competition closes at the end of February. Website Cheers

    Sandalle Team


    Comment by N DAVIES — 31/01/2014 @ 13:44 | Reply

    • I’ll put it in the calendar as soon as I get to a computer. This index-finger typing on my kindle is a bit of a pain. Gina

      Comment by Gina — 31/01/2014 @ 21:19 | Reply

      • Done now. X

        Comment by Gina — 05/02/2014 @ 17:14 | Reply

        • Hi Gina

          We want to put competition details on the website but don’t know how to do it. Please could you contact me.

          Comment by Caroline Funnell — 24/02/2014 @ 10:25 | Reply

  2. Happy New year and hope all goes well. I’m just about to finish my book and sending out to agents is my next step. As you say it’s just ‘one’ that counts, let’s hope one comes along. All best to you, and thanks for doing the posts.

    Comment by Margaret Holbrook — 31/01/2014 @ 14:25 | Reply

    • Best of luck to you. I think I’ve written about a hundred different versions of my query letter in search of the magic combination. Fingers crossed. X

      Comment by Gina — 31/01/2014 @ 21:06 | Reply

  3. If you got a 20 minute one act with a small cast and minimal set requirements, enter the Theatre Southwest Festival of Originals. Entry is FREE this year (2014), 5 winners get produced and get a hundred dollar cash prize! Follow the link below for complete details:

    Comment by Ed Vela — 31/01/2014 @ 14:44 | Reply

    • Hello Texas! I got a little confused with your comment because I was wondering why Theatre Southwest was paying in dollars not pounds – then realised you’re talking Houston not Hampshire (not to self – don’t take alliteration thing too far!) I usually stick to UK competitions on this site but might slip yours in because it amused me. Best of luck,

      Comment by Gina — 01/02/2014 @ 11:33 | Reply

  4. For some reason i couldn’t stop laughing at that. In fact, when it comes down to it, i might need help. Seriously. Please don’t stop. You are the bees bollocks. xx

    Comment by Milo Bell — 31/01/2014 @ 15:00 | Reply

    • Your support I thank you very much for, however I’m not sure I want to be compared to anything of the bee’s (except perhaps their honey) but I do appreciate the alliteration.

      Comment by Gina — 31/01/2014 @ 21:02 | Reply

  5. Hi. Hang in there and keep going, no matter how tough or frustrating it is. I’m finally getting somewhere, but it’s a long process – I have to believe it’s worth it lol 🙂 Ian x

    Comment by Ian Townsend — 31/01/2014 @ 20:57 | Reply

    • Thanks Ian. Feeling both the toughness and frustration but until I can think of anything else I enjoy as much I will continue to hound them all. Gina

      Comment by Gina — 31/01/2014 @ 21:17 | Reply

  6. Thanks so much for doing the calendar. All the best with your writing. I have a play opening Friday (first time). Thrilled!

    Comment by georginatremayne — 01/02/2014 @ 14:31 | Reply

    • That’s fantastic! Many congratulations and good luck. X

      Comment by Gina — 01/02/2014 @ 19:32 | Reply

  7. At least you seem to be getting something back from Agents. Most of the ones I have sent my book to work on the principle of ‘if you don’t hear from us within x months, we don’t want it!’

    In sheer frustration I have now self-published my book electronically on Amazon. It doesn’t cost a bean and at least it’s out there in cyberspace. They also pay you 70% of revenues if you price it at a reasonable level – not that I’m expecting to retire to the Bahamas on the proceeds.

    Comment by Alan Jones — 03/02/2014 @ 10:14 | Reply

    • Good luck with the book. I’ve only just started on my Writers and Artists Yearbook – if I get to the end with no success I might be joining you in self-publishing!


      Comment by Gina — 05/02/2014 @ 17:05 | Reply

  8. Hey Gina, your YES will suddenly jump out at you… are you entering 20 pages for the Playhouse Original Drama? Hope so. Heaps of happy vibes and love ax

    Comment by astreetwriter — 04/02/2014 @ 10:27 | Reply

  9. HI Gina

    Please could you advertise our latest call for scripts for us. Many thanks Marcia, Putney Arts Theatre

    Putney Arts Theatre is 50 years old. And to celebrate, Putney Theatre Company’s new writing scheme is currently calling for scripts for our October studio production, ‘The Anniversary’. Performance dates 14-18 October.
    We are seeking fully formed pieces of drama with a maximum running time of 20 minutes and a maximum cast size of 6 actors.
    Plays can be any genre (comedy, love story, ghost story, social or historical drama etc.) but must relate to the theme of anniversary or birthday.
    For more details about how to submit a script please visit our website:

    Comment by Marcia Kelson — 05/02/2014 @ 13:02 | Reply

  10. Hi everyone
    I’ve got a query for all aspiring TV screenplay writers, like me. On the BBC writers’ room site, someone had suggested sending out plays out to anyone and not just the BBC script room windows. Well, where do I send them? It’s difficult to get an agent interested, if you haven’t won a major comp and there are no comps for TV drama plays. As I’m not a professional scriptwriter (I am a semi- pro freelance writer) I don’t feel confident approaching script editors of TV dramas/soaps ect. Any ideas or suggestions welcome (UK based please!)
    Kind regards – thanks Gina for a great blog!

    Comment by Sharon Boothroyd — 06/02/2014 @ 13:14 | Reply

    • Try the London comedy writers site – they’re in my links. Their competition calendar includes screen writing ops although it looks like they need to update. Have a look at their resource page too which has a ‘where to send your script’ section. Good luck.

      Comment by Gina — 06/02/2014 @ 23:31 | Reply

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