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I should be writing

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Sorry, no new competitions today but I wanted to share my new favourite blog with you (thanks to @femalearts). It’s Bitter Gertrude –  Melissa Hillman, Artistic Director of Impact Theatre in Berkeley. She has a lot of interesting things to say about theatre, writing, playwrights, women, women playwrights and cosplay (before you ask, I have no idea). She’s written a post about how often she sees plays from new women playwrights where the central character may be female but “that female character isn’t driving the narrative– she is, instead, just reactive to whatever the male characters are doing” –  a great note to  watch for. She’s also posted about playwright Monica Byrne who has shown how much resilience you need to be a writer by writing an anti-resume and drawing up a downloadable spreadsheet of her writing submissions since 2007. Definitely worth a look if you’re feeling downhearted about all your rejections.

I need another look.

Happy writing all.




  1. Thanks so much for this, Gina – and for all you do. The anti-resume was a brilliant and timely reminder about just getting back on the horse…

    Comment by Emma Spurgin Hussey — 09/09/2013 @ 13:01 | Reply

  2. I found it interesting how many places she sent each piece of work to with such different outcomes. There’s real perseverence for you!


    Comment by Gina — 09/09/2013 @ 21:18 | Reply

  3. Hi, I have just launched a new prize for one hour plays – can you let me know how I can send you the details? Many thanks,
    Administrator, The Paul Darby Prize for Dramatists

    Comment by Sarah Darby — 22/09/2013 @ 00:32 | Reply

    • Hi Sarah,
      I usually get people to leave details here for me to add, but I’ve just googled your comp. and it came up straight away so I’ve put it in. (It’s kinda late so I hope there are no mistakes!)

      Many thanks,

      Comment by Gina — 22/09/2013 @ 23:00 | Reply

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