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Always The Bridesmaid…

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So, my story didn’t get chosen for the BBC’s Opening Lines, but I got on the longlist and that was the top 8.55% (approximately) so I’m still pretty proud of that.

South West writers can send a play in to The Open Session at The Bristol Old Vic. The window’s open from the 1st to the 30th June and they are looking for full-length plays that have not been previously produced. “We are excited by plays that are distinct and theatrical, with live staging at their heart. We’re attracted by stories that ask questions and tell us something about being alive today, plays that in some way have relevance to our own lives and consider their audience.” More details HERE.

This summer the Salisbury Playhouse are offering a Summer Residential Playwriting Course from 22nd to 26th July with fab tutor Angela Street. “The week will be a mix of inspirational writing workshops, one-to-one sessions, and free time to write, culminating in readings of extracts of your work with actors on Friday afternoon. Participants can book one-to-one sessions to discuss their work with the tutor and receive feedback. This course is suitable for writers at any stage of their career who would like time and space to write in a relaxed and supportive environment.”

And the London Horror Festival are looking for shows and are also about to announce the details for this year’s Stage Fright Competition for short, horror plays. Last year was fantastic, recorded by Wireless Theatre Company and hosted by Richard O’Brien  so I can highly recommend you have a go (if you like horror and radio of course. If it is radio again.).

And I STILL haven’t finished the first draft of my children’s book which I promised myself I would do by the end of May to give me six weeks to write a radio play for Sir so unless I get 8,000 words written in the next two days I’m in trouble. Maybe I shouldn’t have spent two hours tonight watching Legally Blonde. Again.

Happy writing all. X



  1. Gina, My name is Alan Cliff, a playwright based in Waterford, Ireland. I just wanted to let you know that I love receiving your emails/blogposts. I wish you every success in your writing. I want to let you know that I became a self-published playwright earlier this month. My play; SALVATION, was awarded a grant to be published through my local Arts authority Hardly anyone came to see it when it was performed in Garter Lane Arts Centre last week. ( The theatre company producing (www.stagemad.,ie) made huge losses. However, of the 200 copies published I sold 93 of them, at 5 a piece. New TV. New Gym membership. Ah , yeah… 😉 I was wondering, would you be interested in receivng a copy of the paperback, without charge. (can send via post if you give me an adress, swear to God Gina, not a weirdo, and besides, there’s earthquakes between us: ( And perhaps we could trade work? I would love to see what you’re writing. With every best wish, Alan Cliff

    Comment by Alan Cliff — 29/05/2013 @ 23:59 | Reply

    • Alan, many congratulations on getting your play on. Really exciting for you, even if it wasn’t such a success, but congrats for coming out of it with some cash anyway.

      I’m afraid I’m not really ready to trade work yet, although my short horror radio is still on the Wireless Theatre Company website if you want to listen:

      Keep writing, and good luck for your next one, Gina

      Comment by Gina — 30/05/2013 @ 23:11 | Reply

  2. Dear Gina, Well done on being in top 8.55% of Opening Lines. Your posts are spurring me on to write far more than I otherwise would have, in order to submit before deadlines. (But it’s driving my wife mad because she’s convinced I’m neglecting the children.) Thanks again. Tony

    Comment by Tony — 30/05/2013 @ 11:33 | Reply

    • Thanks Tony, and glad to be helping to improve your productivity. My husband is very supportive and encouraging about my writing right up until the times he gets home and finds out a tin opener is the only implement i used to feed the kids and that he’s expected to wield it for himself.


      Comment by Gina — 30/05/2013 @ 22:07 | Reply

  3. after 10 minutes looking for Bristol Old Vic info from your link, couldn’t find any mention of it…where is it, please?

    Comment by — 02/06/2013 @ 15:46 | Reply

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