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I’ve just been in the same room as two of The Goodies! So exciting. It was at a recording of  ‘Sorry I haven’t a Clue’ so when it’s the the radio I can be all smug and say “Oh, I remember this bit,” and “This bit was so funny because Jack Dee had just pulled a funny face but of course you can’t know that because you weren’t there.” The fun never ends.

There are a few interesting new opportunities popping up.

News from the fantastic Offcut festival (did I mention I had a play in their festival last year? Yes? Oh!) : This year, we are replacing the full-blown, 28-play festival with OffCut Roots. What is more, we are thrilled to reveal that the project will be run in collaboration with the renowned Theatre 503. With this much smaller, much more intensive event, we will be giving the opportunity for two undiscovered playwrights to have their work developed over the summer by Off Cut, Theatre 503, and a group of industry professionals, for performance at Theatre 503 for a week in August.

Astonishment. Jouissance. Ambition. Women. Hope. Finesse. Balls. Joy. Communion. Mutiny.

We are asking our prospective writers to draw their inspiration from any or all of these words and to write, from scratch, a play (max. 30 pages and 4 actors) for our consideration. Closing date 1st July.

I have also heard about a new company called Yellow Room Theatre Company : We are  in the early stages of development so our website will be going live in June/July and we are organising a Cabaret in July to raise some extra funds for the company. I am looking for a play to direct and for the company to produce. I am looking for 70-90 minutes to be performed at a Fringe venue in London for 3 weeks later in the year. If the play is successful we might tour it or transfer it to a bigger venue.

We aim to create work which examines and interrogates what it is to be human and the society we live in, where we have come from and where we are going. Through story, play, music, sound, lighting and drama we hope to create a visceral and engaging theatrical experience for our audience. We want to tell stories through theatre.

There’s also Dilated Theatre: Following their great critical success with Barrie Keeffe’s SUS, Dilated Theatre have been offered a slot at one of London’s leading fringe venues. A new writing/new company slot playing Sunday, Monday evenings and Tuesday matinees for a 4 week run in October/Nov this year. Ideal for showcase of new talent.

We are looking for a play that comments on the society we now live in, social, economic, political undertones would fit our mission statement and the venue we are approaching. Between 3-6 characters. Two specifics to this are that we need parts for two Caucasian males; one needs to be playing age of 25-30. the other needs to be playing age of 16-25. Ideally the play would be between 90 – 120 mins long with minimal set. Deadline ASAP but before mid-June for serious consideration.

I don’t know anything about the last two companies, but sounds like they’re worth a look.

And I’m at 20,564 words on my children’s book.

Happy writing all. X



  1. Good luck with your children’s book, Gina. I’m at about the same with my adult fiction…..fingers crossed eh?

    Beth x

    Comment by Beth Davies — 15/05/2013 @ 09:52 | Reply

  2. Thanks, Beth. You too. The first draft’s always the hardest.

    Gina X

    Comment by Gina — 15/05/2013 @ 17:07 | Reply

  3. What is an ‘undiscovered playwright’? Unpublished? Unperformed? thanks chris

    Comment by chris — 05/06/2014 @ 23:11 | Reply

    • Ooh, now there’s a question, but before I answer it you do realise you’re in my archives don’t you? This is May last year. If you do know, and this is just a random question then no offense meant.

      Undiscovered I would take to mean no professional productions or commissions. I am loathe to say ‘no money has changed hands’ but that’s my own personal hell! I have had rehearsed readings and have even had a couple of my plays produced using professional actors and Directors (1 being for Offcut), but these have been competition finals so I would definitely class myself as undiscovered. When asked, I still say “I write,” not “I am a writer,” and probably will continue to do so until I can give a definite answer to the follow-up “What will I have seen/read?”
      My feeling would be that if your writing career still needs these kinds of opportunities to get your work wider recognition then you can count yourself as ‘undiscovered.’ *

      Gina X

      * The comments in this blog are solely the opinion of the blogger and bear very little resemblance to reality.

      Comment by Gina — 06/06/2014 @ 09:39 | Reply

  4. Thanks, I was just curious. I visit your site occasionally BUT when I do visit I stay quite a long time and read around….often perusing archives as I think what you have here is very interesting. Thanks, Chris

    Comment by chris — 06/06/2014 @ 11:41 | Reply

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