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So cold.

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My holiday’s nearly over and I still haven’t picked up a pen. On top of that school’s been cancelled tomorrow which has given me another excuse I don’t need not to do my homework, but I will be going to the cinema because childcare’s sorted so it’s not all bad.

Very excited to get Soho Theatre’s newsletter with details of a friend’s new play starting tomorrow. ‘My daughter’s Trial’ by Jabine Chaudri is at Browns Courtrooms (above Browns Restaurant), 82 St Martin’s Lane Covent Garden WC2N 4AG. Details HERE. I’m hoping to catch it in Southampton on the 19th or 20th April.

There’s some new bits in the calendar including a Bollywood comp. that looks fun. I’ve also got a couple of script calls without a specific closing date:

Writer’s Avenue are looking for playwrights to write 7 new short plays connected by the 6 degrees of separation theory. 6 Degrees is a fusion of the some of the UK’s finest emerging talent, showcasing not only writers but actors and directors too, we invite talented artists that we have worked with over the past two years and mix them with artists with whose work we have become familiar with. The writers are provided with a cast and then asked to develop an idea for a ten minute play. All the actors, writers and director then attend a workshop and develop material and characters. The writers continue attending a series of workshops in which they collaborate to find connections between their characters, locations, events and objects while they write their play. To get involved invite us to see your work.

Ark Theatre are asking for scripts to be sent into them to be performed at the next ‘Two By Two: An Evening of New Writing’ Event at Derby Theatre Studio in October 2013. They are looking for two original scripts that have not been performed or published before. The smaller the cast the better, and even though there is no length restrictions as such, it would be better if the play ran no longer than an hour. They are looking for something that has the potential to be toured!

Happy writing (or sitting around eating Easter eggs and watching Neighbours) all. X


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