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This directly affects all of us.

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I’m sorry to be so late to this party but I’m here now:

Fin Kennedy was challenged by Culture Secretary, Ed Vaizey (at a Writers Guild event in Parliament) to provide proof that the cuts in arts funding are affecting playwrights and theatres, which he didn’t believe to be true. Fin took him at his word and produced the report ‘In Battalions’ with Oxford PHD student Helen Campbell. Their report has statistical evidence that the cuts are directly responsible for a number of theatres and companies cutting back commissions and development work for writers. Ed Vaizey is ignoring the report which Fin sent to him some weeks ago, despite the fact he asked for it…
Mr Vaizey said that Arts Council cuts made since April 2012 were having ‘no effect’ on theatres, and that new plays and playwriting were ‘thriving’. He continues to hold this view.

On March 8th Fin Kennedy posted this on the Playwriting UK Facebook page:

In a speech to the GLA this week, Ed Vaizey alluded to my In Battalions report as “rubbish” and “scaremongering” … If you haven’t already done so, I’d encourage you to email him to put an alternative view:


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