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Handed my mosaic in at last and it wasn’t late – in fact, it was before midnight. I only managed 58 pages but with the judicious use of pauses and one page being taken up with a song (which must make it 3 minutes if I have to fiddle the tempo to do it) it must have topped an hour. Hurrah! And now I’m ill. Again. Boo! I realised I’d been writing to deadlines since December as well as all my usual job/kids/cooking/avoiding housework so no wonder I’m knackered. Success rate for 2013 not looking good since I got nowhere with Writer’s Prize or Equal Writes (only slightly begrudging congratulations to those who did) but I’ve got two more bits of writing out there, and after Sir has given me some notes on my play maybe I can do something with that too. Where there’s laptop there’s hope.

If you want a distraction from writing there’s a nice interview with Simon Stephens HERE about his play ‘Port’ and about writing in general. Also we’re half way through the latest series of Newsjack and they’ve got lots of helpful clips on their website HERE. And lots of useful advice from the Bruntwood Prize people HERE.

The BBC Writersroom script window is open again (until March 28th) – but remember they don’t want anything you’ve sent in before. Bristol Old Vic is starting a similar idea with ‘The Open Session‘ when they will be accepting unsolicited scripts from 1st to 31st June. This opportunity is for Southwest-based writers only. The top 30 will get a full reader’s report, and the best five will get bespoke packages of development. These will be created in conversation with the writers selected and this ongoing relationship may lead to commissioning opportunities.

The other BBC show – ‘The Show What You Wrote‘ has extended its deadline to march 29th.

The next Little Pieces of Gold night is on June 24th – deadline for 10 minute plays is may 13th.

Last-minute op.s here, but you just need an idea not a play to apply:

There’s a Cold Writing event from Write by Numbers. Writers will need to attend a two hour workshop on Monday 18th March. They will then have just 48 hours to write a short piece which will be performed on the evening of Thursday 21st March and during the daytime on Saturday 23rd March. Both workshops and performance shall take place in Jill, the Community Hub on Sydenham High Street, created as part of the SEE3 Sydenham, Kirkdale and Forest Hill Portas Pilot. Apply by March 10th.

And march 11th is the deadline for Hotbed 2013. Too much info – it’s hurting my head, you can read it for yourself.

Time to feed the beasts. I think I’ve pretty much up-dated everything now, but let me know if there’s something I’ve missed out. More Lucozade and Paracetamol needed.

Happy writing all.X



  1. Hi Gina
    I love your blog and the info on it. I’ve put it under my favourites. Nice to know I’m not the only struggling playwright out there! I’ve got the finishing touches to do for a TV play for the bbc writer’s room project. I’m now thinking of plan B if it doesn’t get past the ‘first ten pages’ rule. Chances are it won’t.
    Happy writng and good luck with your work

    Comment by sharon boothroyd — 13/03/2013 @ 10:57 | Reply

    • Thanks for lovely comments, Sharon, always nice to know I’m not throwing this stuff into the abyss.
      Good luck with your TV play. If you don’t get anywhere with the writersroom (and do remember they have about 2,000 entries every time they open that window so there’s an awful lot of good writing that doesn’t get through)you could rewrite as a stage play and then have a go at Papatango, Bruntwood or one of the other play comp.s.
      The important thing is to keep writing.
      Gina X

      Comment by Gina — 14/03/2013 @ 16:18 | Reply

      • Hi Gina

        Wow. 2,000 entries! I don’t stand a chance! I’ll focus on the stage play stuff now.I’ll keep the TV one for another opportunity for the future.

        Comment by sharon boothroyd — 15/03/2013 @ 10:18 | Reply

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