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Roll on 2013

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Happy New Year lovely readers and here’s hoping for more successes for us all.

In 2011 I had one success – a short story included in a night of ghost story readings by Core Theatre in Bath. In 2012 I had three: a short play selected for production by Tin Can Podcasts (as yet unrecorded, but I still count it!); a play in the Offcut Festival, and another in the final of the London Horror Festival’s Stage Fright Competition. Here’s hoping that 2013 will continue the upward trend.

At the minute I have a radio play entered in the BBC’s Writer’s Prize (me and 1,199 other people) and a short story in for Radio 4’s Opening Lines so I’m starting the year as the BBC’s bitch with crossed fingers.

T.T.D. – I’ve got 2 months to come up with a full length mosaic play for my Nuffield writer’s course (even though I’m still not completely clear on what one of them things is. I’m awaiting ‘Road’  by Jim Cartwright from Amazon which, I’m hoping will make it all come clear for me), and I’d also like to enter the Salisbury Playhouse’s Play for our Nation’s Youth if I have enough time.

Time – Why didn’t I get any of that for Christmas!

I’ve been adding things to the calendar as I’ve found them, the most recent being Frequency Theatre, an internet radio play producer who is accepting unsolicited submissions of 10-15 minute RADIO plays.

So happy 2013, good luck, and here’s hoping we all have a great new writing year. X




  1. Hi

    Seasonal greetings!

    What us a mosaic play?

    Also please send me details about the Nuffield course?

    Many thanks


    Sent from my iPhone

    Comment by Chris Sivewright — 01/01/2013 @ 21:02 | Reply

  2. Hi Chris,
    I’m not exactly sure what a mosaic play is myself which is a bit of a problem as I’m supposed to come up with one by the end of February! From what I understand it’s a play made of of scenes which contain their own stories/characters but around a central theme as opposed to a single story line for an entire play. I’ve been given Caryl Churchill’s ‘Light Shining in Buckinghamshire’ as an example, as is ‘Road’ by Jim Cartwright.

    I’m currently a member of the Nuffield Theatre’s Writers’ Group in Southampton. It’s lead by John Burgess and runs for two years so will be open again in 2014. He’s quite scary!


    Comment by Gina — 01/01/2013 @ 21:53 | Reply

  3. Happy New Year, Gina!! Good luck with the comps and the mosaic – YES!!

    Comment by astreetwriter — 05/01/2013 @ 17:47 | Reply

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