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How to avoid writing.

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Hello happy writers everywhere.

I’m happy today because I’ve just been to the Physio. who did some great work on my poorly back (and didn’t mention the fact that I’d put my knickers on inside out) so am sitting much more comfortably. Went to my Nuffield Writers’ Group last night and there wasn’t time to read out my homework which is good news because I always find that excrutiating.  And, in the spirit of the magic of three, Himself has cancelled his work thing so I can go out with my friends tonight.

Last minute competition news – If you have a shorty (10 min.s) that could possibly stretch to having a festive theme, get it in by 5 o’clock today for a scratch night in London with some very useful people (including Euan Borland, the Assistant Producer at Theatre 503) with Made From Scratch Theatre.

I have put some new stuff in the calendar for you, but there are also some useful blogs out there to read:

If you’re going for the BBC’s Writer’s Prize first I’d like to warn you that it’s NOT email entry, they want a hard copy of the sketch so the closing date is December 3rd, but we’ll probably have to get our plays in by the previous Friday (30th November) to make sure it’s in on time. Paul Ashton has written a blog post about writing for radio. Radio Producer Jessica Drumgoole talks about writing radio drama here, and Steven Canny talks about radio comedy here.

David Salisbury has had enough work accepted for Newsjack to have been invited to the BBC for a meeting, and he has written a useful blog post about formatting jokes and sketches. Newsjack have also posted about this season’s submissions.

American writers can have a look at a new blog called The Play Submissions Helper which looks like a very handy resource for you.

I’ve now spent enough time footling round on my computer, and I’m only half way through the second draft of my radio play, so it’s time for me to start writing. X



  1. Thanks for all the updates,Gina. You’ve just inspired me to submit to The Space’s ONE festival.

    Comment by Tony Elston — 17/11/2012 @ 18:55 | Reply

  2. Fantastic, Tony. Let me know how you get on. X

    Comment by Gina — 17/11/2012 @ 19:31 | Reply

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