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Busy busy busy

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I haven’t abandoned you, just too busy/tired/lazy to keep you updated. I’ve also got two plays I’m trying to get ready for various things (which includes one for the BBC Writers’ Prize) and an idea for a play for youth theatres (cast of at least 20) which I’m trying not to be distracted by for a competition I’ve heard about (but isn’t going to be properly announced until November so I’ll tell you about it then).

There seem to be lots around for radio at the minute. In December not only will you find the Writers’ Prize, but the BBC are also looking for short stories for Opening Lines, and Slung Low have a competition for 15 minute radio plays (subject rebuilding/regrowth) to be recorded at a live event in Leeds in February.

I have also just found out about The Sitcom Trials who run regular competitions for new sitcoms on various topics. Sorry about short notice but the next one is a sci fi special and the closing date is November 4th. Now I’ve found them I’ll get regular updates so will be able to give you more time.

On Monday I had a fantastic night in Camden for the final of the London Horror festival playwriting competition. The plays were for radio and performed by the Wireless Theatre Company who are a fantastic company with a really talented bunch of actors working for them. Richard O’Brien didn’t like my play but made up for it by wearing sparkly high heels and a dress I can only describe as a pussy-pelmet except he doesn’t have a… you get the picture. After the plays he did a short gig for us ending with a bit of Rocky Horror which was fabulous (as are his legs). All three plays will be available for download so I’ll post the link when they’re ready.

I’m on holiday now for 2 1/2 weeks (hurrah) and spending a week of that in Turkey from Monday (hurrah, hurrah) with no cooking or cleaning to do (not that I do a great deal when I’m here but hurrah, hurrah, hurrah anyway.) So happy writing all – I’ll be thinking of you while I’m gently floating in the pool with my large pink cocktail and no laptop in sight.


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  1. Oh Poo. Pity you didn’t win. But coming in top three is pretty damn good!! Put that on your cv and smoke it. ax

    Comment by Angela Street — 19/10/2012 @ 13:39 | Reply

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