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Newsjack is Back!

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I don’t know why I get so excited every time the show has a new series because I haven’t managed to get anything on yet (although in the last series I did get a gag into the script but it got left on the cutting room floor), but it always feels like the chance of getting on to the BBC is there every week. For six weeks. And then I’ll be discovered and then I’ll be rich and famous and then I can give up the day job. What’s not to like?

Meanwhile, in the real world, Newsjack is a topical news show with an open door policy so anyone can send in material for the show: the deadline for sketches is Mondays at noon, and for one-liners is Tuesday at four. The first show is on the 20th so it’s about time I found out what’s going on out there.

In other news Tamasha are holding a Scratch Night at the Bush Theatre on Friday 2nd November 2012, 7:30pm, in association with the South Asian Literature Festival’s new writing strand, ELEMENTS. The scratch provides an opportunity for writers to showcase their work in a professional setting to a public audience. Closing date September 28th.

And the Lost Theatre Company are having a 5 minute play festival – closing date October 5th.

Time to go and find a newspaper.

Who’s the Prime Minister now?


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