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I’ve done my homework – hurrah! We’ve been doing ‘stichomythia’  – a technique in verse drama in which single alternating lines are given to alternating characters, usually where two characters are in violent dispute.

Who knew.

Haven’t written anything else recently. I’m trying to get away from writing about depressed housewives. But I’m too depressed. Now, where’s that hoover?

I’ve added some new comp.s I got from The Scottish Book Trust.

July has lo-fi – a low budget film initiative, aimed at developing up-and-coming talent. This comprehensive programme aims to find exciting new work, by up-and-coming film makers, that can be made at micro budget level.

Also in July Asylon Theatre have a call out for family-friendly monologues to be performed on a bus. I can’t find details on their website, only on The Scottish Book Trust.

Have to go now to the child’s school to buy home-made stuff at their fair. I’ve only got £2 but I’ve got a horrible feeling there’s an awful lot of c**p you can buy with that at a school fair.



  1. Hi Gina, I’ve subscribed to your blog for a while now and really appreciate the competition news, and the general feel of your blog, but have never got round to saying thank you for the interesting reads – today’s particularly made me smile because of the reference to having to spend money at kid’s school, and the housewife bit – just about sums up my life really! Are you doing a course, liked the reference to ‘stichomythia’ – hadn’t heard of it, though a 15 min play I’m writing at the mo has an exchange between husband and wife, that is just that – I’ve googled it to learn more – thanks, Angela 🙂

    Comment by Angela Bridge — 22/06/2012 @ 23:52 | Reply

    • Thanks for your lovely comments. Not always sure anyone’s out there.
      I’m a member of the Nuffield Theatre (Southampton) Writers’ Group with John Burgess which I’m finding quite challenging. We spent the first two sessions only being able to use one syllable words! Good luck with your play.

      Comment by Gina — 23/06/2012 @ 21:10 | Reply

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