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Sad Face

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Putting off finishing my homework because everything I write looks so dull, and I didn’t get anywhere in the Minioperas competition (but many congratulations to those who did), and it’s raining outside, and the in-laws’ arrival is imminent. The good news is I’ve added some competitions to August and September.

September is all about the children with the ACT playwriting comp. for year 12 and 13 students to write, and the Trinity College competition is to write a play for young people.

I hear the door bell ringing my doom – but to the tune of 3 blind mice so that’s nice.


I’m now full of Chinese food and have just found a post on Facebook by Sandy Nicholson who’s putting on a site specific horror theatre production next year and is looking for writers. An excerpt from his blog post:

The play will be set and performed in a large building, and will take place during the early hours of a zombie apocalypse. We will follow several bands of survivors holed up on different floors of the building, their conversations fears and escape plans, and our audience get to choose which group they stand with, or could even wander between them. Each group will have their own plot, though obviously they may cross paths, accidentally foil each others ideas, and cause even more chaos, especially as the creatures begin to enter the building and they are forced to flee.



  1. Thanks a lot for sharing! Looks like a good site I should have known about a long time ago.

    Comment by Sandy Nicholson — 07/06/2012 @ 16:54 | Reply

  2. Yes you should!
    But you found me now so that’s okay.

    Comment by Gina — 07/06/2012 @ 17:14 | Reply

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