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Random musings and a little rant.

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I have no new competitions for you today but fancied a little chat because I was thinking of you having just parted with a whole fifteen quid to buy my ticket for tomorrow’s writing workshop at the Salisbury Arts Centre with Sarah Dickinson from the Soho Theatre. Hoping it will give me the kick up the jacksy I need to start writing again.

Newsjack have two more shows to go. They did another of their Q&A webchats today during which they said that they are receiving less submissions now than they did at the start of the series so the odds of getting something on are improving.

The short list has now been posted for the Bruntwood Prize so congratulations if you’re on there and commiserations if you’re not (unless you didn’t even enter in which case what are you doing fannying around on the web when you should be writing.). The comments after it also made interesting reading although it always amazes me to see how many sore losers there are out there. I think we all believe our plays are wonderful or we wouldn’t send them out into the World, but we also need to know that it might not be to the taste of whoever’s desk it lands on. Maybe someone else’s was a little bit more wonderful. Or maybe we’re destined to die as undiscovered geniuses. It’s much classier to find a private corner, cry a little, curse a little (or a lot), then reread, rewrite and resend.

That’s all I have to say apart from thanks to my husband (and none to my cat) who dispatched the paralysed mouse I found in the kids’ room today.

It was twitching.



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  1. Wise words indeed, Gina. I would add that it’s best to use a different corner each time or your cat may think you have rising damp. angiex

    Comment by Angela Street — 07/10/2011 @ 17:40 | Reply

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