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A Little Light Reading.

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I’ve been adding some more 2012 pages but don’t I don’t want you to get too excited because most of them are empty. Sorry.

April 2012 has the Brit Writers’ Awards – Unpublished, which has a stage and screen plays category. The play must be unpublished or unperformed, but entrants may include those with previous experience of production and/or development by a professional body. This may include work-in-progress readings, college or fringe theatre, mentor programmes or rehearsed readings.

Recently I’ve read a couple of interesting articles I found via the Playwriting UK Facebook group:

Advice from the other side of the Line is written by Van Badham from the Finborough Theatre and is full of useful stuff about submissions and covering letters.

This link was in response to a question about covering letters which also received this comment from Hannah Rodger who works for the BBC Writersroom:  I work at BBC writersroom and for us it doesn’t really matter what is on the covering letter as long as it clearly has your contact details. That said if you want to say a few words it can be helpful when we are putting the feedback together if you tell us whether the script has had a reading or production and if anyone else was involved in the commission or development of it. Some writers put a couple of lines about their writing too, whether it’s the first thing they’ve written, whether they’ve been on any courses etc and also if they’ve submitted another script to us before or met any of us or attended any of our events or anything like that.

I also liked Pamela Gray’s Top Ten Screenwriting Tips on the Circalit website which I think is as useful for playwrights.

I have been adding more competitions but I wrote a list of them on a scrap of paper which is somewhere on my desk amongst several hundred other scraps of paper. Sorry. Again.

P.S. Theatre503 have announced that the deadline for submissions to the 503 Five Writer Attachment scheme has been extended by one week. It is now Monday 12th September 2011. All inquiries to

P.P.S. I’ve added the Finborough Theatre to my on-going page as they are a company who read unsolicited scripts.



  1. Thanks for doing all this, Gina.

    Comment by Linda Morse — 05/09/2011 @ 07:56 | Reply

    • Well, it keeps me off the streets. X

      Comment by Gina — 05/09/2011 @ 08:25 | Reply

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