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The Post Office Sucks!

Filed under: New Competitions,Random Musings — Gina @ 09:09

Good news first or bad news?

Okay – the good news is the BBC have launched a new competition to find new writers for Cbeebies. The competition is called Get a Squiggle On and you have to write a 20 minute live action script suitable for children aged 3-6. Submission deadline 14th July.

The bad news is I’m very grumpy now because I sent a one-act play in for the Menagerie competition back in March but today I have had the whole thing returned to me by the #*^^/@ post office for not paying enough postage even though it had a first class large letter stamp on it and the competition organisers, quite understandably, didn’t way to pay the £1.15 charge. Postman said it was probably too heavy even though it was only 25 pages so my warning is if you’re sending a script through the post make sure you get it weighed first.

If it hadn’t been sent back I would’ve won.

No, honestly, I just know I would.




  1. Yeah, you would’ve won. Ya boo to the Post Office.

    Comment by angie — 19/05/2011 @ 11:37 | Reply

  2. Thank you, fan. X

    Comment by Gina — 19/05/2011 @ 12:27 | Reply

  3. You definitely would have won. I thinkits a greater plot against you. An evil rival intercepted your script, steamed off stamps, reposted, cackling away. I’d look out for the Menagerie winner and any cackle will tell you who is the culprit. Thanks for your posts. They cheer me up. Tanya

    Comment by Tanya Chan-Sam — 19/05/2011 @ 12:46 | Reply

    • You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you. 🙂

      Comment by Gina — 20/05/2011 @ 14:28 | Reply

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